National Helpline Opening Hours

                                                                                 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

                                                                                 Weekends 1pm-4pm                                           

                                                                                                              FREEPHONE 0808 802 6161







Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland (CBCS) is able to provide a number of services for you. 

Remember that grief is a completely natural process and lots of people cope with it with help and support from their family and friends. If you would like our help and support, then please ring our helpline - 0808 802 6161
You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  The support we offer is through:

    • Telephone support - National helpline - 0808 802 6161
    • Face-to-face support - find out about this via the Helpline
    • Leaflets
    • Support Groups: including Step by Step Group in Fife see here for details
    • Support for children and young people -
      for online help we suggest The Little Website   The Smart Grief Guide
      the Cruse Bereavement Care website - Hope Again
    • also Fischy Music 

Frequently asked questions:

What will happen if I call 0808 802 6161?
A trained member of our helpline team will ask you for some brief details about yourself and your situation. There may be times when there’s no one available to take your call, in which case you’ll need to leave your contact details on our answerphone – please don’t be put off by this. Just be prepared to leave a brief message, remembering to give your name and telephone number.

Who will support me?
CBCS volunteers are people who have undergone special training about the process of grieving and how to work with bereaved people. Some of our volunteers have undergone more specialised training so they can work with children. All volunteers listen carefully and respond sensitively to enable you to work through the grief. They know that the best solutions are the ones you discover for yourself. Our volunteers are all different ages and from different walks of life.

What would I expect from my bereavement support volunteer?
Please be assured that your volunteer will keep everything confidential. They won’t be able to take the pain of your bereavement away, they will support you while you work through it at your own pace. The service is confidential within CBCS's practice and policy guidelines and the robust requirements of COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland).
What commitment would be expected from me?
There is a big demand for the CBCS bereavement support service, so the only thing we ask is that once accepted you keep your appointments (apart from in emergencies), or cancel in good time, so we can make the best use of our limited supply of volunteers.
If you think CBCS could help you, what to do next:
Please ring our National Helpline  - 0808 802 6161.  Our volunteer will be able to help you and arrange for the local team to send you their information.




CBCS Leaflets

Check out our key leaflets - you may find that what you are experiencing is normal for someone who is grieving.

Volunteer Opportunities

Training Opportunities

CBCS offers a number of courses that are currently run on a 'demand led' basis.

We are currnetly looking for helpline volunteers. If you are interested please click here for information regarding the role and here for an application form.


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