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                                                                                 Weekends 1pm-4pm                                           

                                                                                                              FREEPHONE 0808 802 6161






Leaflets2Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland aims to make information about bereavement as widely available as possible. We want it to be both accurate and accessible, for those who have been bereaved and also for those who support them. 

We provide a number of helpful leaflets:

Understanding Your Grief – this leaflet is to help you recognise that what you are experiencing is likely to be normal for someone who is grieving.

We're sorry to hear – that you have recently experienced the death of someone close.  This will help you keep yourself safe in the early days of grief.

Living Through Grief - inclliding poointers you may find helpful

Bridging the Gap – when faced with a bereaved relative, friend or colleague, many of us are not sure what to say or do .... as a result of our unease, we often say or do nothing. In this leaflet, we try to “bridge the gap” and show how a few simple words or actions might make all the difference.

After A Suicide - A very helpful booklet from the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Time with the Children – Like adults, children need to understand that grief is a journey.

Children may be affected more than we realise, these may be helpful:

Leaflets4Produced by the Perth & Kinross Schools Bereavment Project, in conjunction with CBCS - the little book of loss is a guide written by primary school pupils for children their own age. It has an associated website at The project has also published The Smart Grief Guide, which was written for young people in that age group. Bulk copies of all these leaflets can be purchased online at Please note there is a standard postage and packing fee of £5.


After Someone dies - a leaflet about death, bereavement and grief for young people, published by Cruse Bereavement Care 


These leaflets are to help you recognise that what you are experiencing is likely to be normal for someone who is grieving. We hope that you will find these resources helpful, but if having read them you feel that you need more support, then do find someone to speak to or ring our national helpline - 0808 802 6161


 Reviewed and Revised 07/10/2014

CBCS Leaflets

Check out our key leaflets - you may find that what you are experiencing is normal for someone who is grieving.

Volunteer Opportunities

Training Opportunities

CBCS offers a number of courses that are currently run on a 'demand led' basis.

We are currnetly looking for helpline volunteers. If you are interested please click here for information regarding the role and here for an application form.


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