Cruse Scotland volunteer publishes debut book

Bereaved Glasgow mum and Cruse Scotland volunteer has written a book in memory of her baby daughter to help others cope with adversity

July 22, 2022

A bereaved Glasgow mum who delivered her baby daughter stillborn has written her first book to help others cope with loss. ‘Juliette’ tells the heart-moving story of a little girl whose brief life transcends the short time she came to stay.

Most people would summarise her story as that of a parent who lost a baby with Trisomy 13, but, as the author says, that would mean missing out on the many learnings that came wrapped in her journey.

“Sometimes, we can run after an instantaneous change or relief from the mourning process. However, if the person accepts to live it and if he/she is well supported, it can open a room for further maturation and transformation. My book is an invitation for the bereaved to welcome these waves of emotions by anchoring themselves in the present and by identifying the resources that will help them overcome the ordeal. I hope that my experience will be a source of encouragement for them” said Aude.

Writing with courage and honesty, Aude uncovers a rich tapestry of human emotions as her family journey through pain and joy in equal measure. Readers are taken into the intimate space of her mothering heart as she relives the eight months Juliette grew inside her, ever hoping yet knowing this child would not be with them for long. Not only by sharing its profound painfulness but also the frequent moments of light and peace that often felt like gifts from heaven. They learned that life has meaning and a purpose no matter how short.

‘Juliette’ is written to provide strength and healing to anyone looking for encouragement in life, whether due to loss, sickness or other difficulty. It will also appeal to readers who appreciate stories that reflect the resilience of the human spirit. Through one mother’s story you too can find hope in the face of adversity — because while sadness passes, joy remains.

After losing Juliette, Aude decided to train as a counsellor herself with a specialisation in bereavement support and trauma management and has now set up her own practice. Her grief journey has led her to join Cruse Scotland with the desire to be an empathetic support for the people in her care.

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Cruse Scotland volunteer publishes debut book