Bereavement Training for Schools

Outside of the home, nursery and school environments are normally the most significant influence on children’s and young people’s development. Cruse Scotland therefore offers a range of training options for those working in education and childcare settings to deliver earlier, more effective support to those whose childhoods are disrupted by grief.

By building understanding and resilience around grief experiences, we can equip all our young people to have a healthier response to bereavement and the effect on their lives.

Twilight Training or Half Day In-Service Day Training

Designed to help schools to understand bereavement, grief and mourning in children and young people who have experienced the death and dying of a significant person in their lives.


Full Day In-Service Training

Cruse Scotland offers a range of full day training courses covering more in-depth aspects of supporting bereaved children and young people. 


Bereavement eLearning Modules for Schools

Our free online eLearning modules are designed to help anyone working within a school setting wishing to increase their knowledge and confidence to support bereaved pupils.