Practical support guide

This helpful guide provides you with clarity and some immediate answers to the practical and legal duties, from obtaining a death certificate, registering a death, arranging a funeral, digital property, and more.

January 25, 2024

In addition to grieving and looking after ourselves emotionally, it can be difficult to know where to start with all the important legal, financial and administrative duties that need to be addressed when someone we love dies. 

Although it is difficult, it is really important at this stage to understand and prepare for the practical things that you need to do and how to prioritise them. We have have partnered with Jones Whyte solicitors who have shared a helpful guide to take you through the things that you’ll need to think about and what steps need to be taken in the days, weeks, and months, following your loss.

You can access the guide here.

If you need further legal support, you can reach out to Jones Whyte and please mention Cruse Scotland as your referral.


We are currently offering a Free Will writing service thanks to our partnership with Jones Whyte. Learn more about this complimentary service and the importance of making a will.

Practical support guide