Skydive for Cruse Scotland

The ultimate challenge that you'll never forget - raise vital funds for Cruse Scotland by flying through the clouds from over 10,000ft at 125mph!

May 23, 2024

The tandem skydive is the most popular of all skydives – perfect for the newbie adrenaline junkie, as you’ll be strapped to a fully qualified instructor who does all the work, leaving you to enjoy the view and experience the ultimate thrill.

This opportunity is made possible thanks to our partners; Skyline Events. Read on, secure your place on the plane, and make the jump to transform the lives of many children, young people and adults across Scotland who are struggling to cope after the death of a someone close.

JUMP 10,000ft

This is it, your tandem skydive – strapped to your fully qualified, expert instructor, you begin your descent into the pure open sky. As you exit the aircraft, you dive straight into an incredible 30-40 seconds of freefall time, soaring through the sky at rapid speed (approximately 125mph). By this point, your adrenaline will be at its absolute peak – there’s no rush like it!


Your parachute opens, and the beauty of the landscape surrounding you suddenly comes into view. The high-octane thrill of the freefall now becomes something more relaxed and inspiring. You will feel as though you are floating through the sky as you slowly descend; be sure to enjoy the view, you’ll never get to experience anything like this again!


And you’ve done it! All the euphoria and bliss of the tandem skydive will rush through you at this point, you’re back on dry land and you’ve completed a truly incredible experience.

How to book your Skydive and support Cruse Scotland:

  • Pick your location and date

There are two airfields in Scotland to choose from: Auchterarder and St. Andrews (There are also a further 18 locations across the rest of the UK). Once you have chosen your location, you can check through the available dates and chose the one that is best for you!

  • Pay your registration fee

You will pay this £70 deposit directly to the organisers; Skyline Events.

  • Agree to raise a minimum of £450

This minimum fundraising target of £450 will be raised via JustGiving and achieved prior to your Skydive date. This covers the costs of your Skydive with a kind donation of at least £175 coming to Cruse Scotland.

We will be on hand to help you smash your fundraising target. You will have a dedicated fundraising expert who will be here to support you and will provide hints, tips and fundraising ideas, as well as lots of motivation! We'll kit you out in a Cruse Scotland T-shirt to wear on your Skydive so you look the part too!

For further information, to let us know once you have registered, or if you have any fundraising questions, please contact


Skydive for Cruse Scotland