Why grieving children need your help this Christmas

November 27, 2023

Fiona Arnott-Barron, Cruse Scotland CEO, tells us in this short video message why getting bereavement support for children right is so incredibly important, and why we urgently need your support this Christmas to make that possible. 


"In every classroom in Scotland at the moment there will be at least one child who has suffered the loss of a parent or a person who is particularly close to them. Many will receive support from people that are around them but for those who don’t, or are struggling, its actually pretty dire what can lie ahead."

"It has a huge effect on attainment and often can affect mental health and things like substance abuse as a coping mechanism. What’s really tough to hear is 90% of those in young offenders’ institutions and prisons will have been impacted by a bereavement in their young lives and often by a sudden or traumatic death."

"So we know that if children and young people don’t receive the support at the right time it can have pretty dire consequences for their futures." 

"Unfortunately we are in a position where the demand for the service has grown and we don’t actually have enough volunteers all across Scotland to cope with that demand. This Christmas we're asking if you could possibly make a donation to help us to train more volunteers in the delivery of this service that would just make all the difference."

"It costs us £1,200 for the training and all the support that go around bringing a volunteer onto the team who can then work with children and young people."

"This is not just about support that will make children less sad at Christmastime, this is about support which is potentially life changing and helping them to cope and adjust with what is likely to be the most difficult times in their lives."

No matter the amount you can afford to give, your donation will offer hope and vital support to many children and young people who are struggling to cope with their grief.

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Why grieving children need your help this Christmas