Gift in Your Will FAQs

Yes. Everybody should have a will. If you die intestate without a will, the law decides who inherits your estate and this may not reflect your wishes. Writing a will is the only way to ensure your wishes are fulfilled, and guarantees your family, friends and the causes you believe in receive the gifts you intend for them - that’s why we recommend you ask a solicitor to help you write or update your will. It can also take much longer and cost more to wind up your estate if you don’t have a will.

Yes. Any minor changes to your will, including a gift to a charity, can be made by a codicil. A codicil needs to be signed and witnessed in the same way as a will. Your solicitor can advise you how best to make any addition to your will and the different types of gifts you can make.

All you need is our name (Cruse Scotland), our registered address (Great Michael House, Suite 4:2, 14 Links Place, Edinburgh EH 7EZ) and our Scottish Charity Number (SC031600).

Many people believe they must be wealthy to leave a gift to charity in their will, but this is certainly not the case. Any gift, no matter the size, can help us to make a positive difference to the lives of bereaved adults, children and families and to ensure no one has to face bereavement alone.

No, you don’t need to tell us and can change your will at any time but please do get in touch to tell us your intentions. This places you under no obligation but allows us to say thank you and let you know how your gift can help.  You can let us know by using our contact form. Thank you for supporting Cruse  Bereavement Care Scotland in this wonderful way.  

Yes. Gifts to UK charities in wills are exempt from inheritance tax. You may wish to discuss other ways of minimising the tax burden on your estate with your solicitor. Please note the Gift Aid scheme does not apply to gifts in wills.

It’s important to keep your original will in a safe place, such as your solicitor’s office or bank. We suggest you keep a copy yourself, and let your executor(s) know where they can find the original.

Many people would prefer charity donations to be made in lieu of flowers at a funeral. If this is stated in your will, your executors can make sure your wishes are known.

If you have any other questions or if you would like to know more about making a gift to Cruse Scotland in your Will, please get in touch using our contact form.