Wellbeing when Working with Clients' Grief, Distress and Trauma

A safe, supportive resourcing session for staff in any role, where exposure to others' distress and trauma can occur / be present. This training seeks to raise awareness and understanding of grief and trauma.

Wellbeing when Working with Clients' Grief, Distress and Trauma – course content: 

  • Develop awareness of the impact of loss and grief on individuals
  • Develop an understanding of the additional stresses brought about by sudden and/or traumatic deaths
  • Interactive discussions about the grief process and models that enhance individuals’ understanding of grief in these Covid-19 times
  • Develop understanding of the role that compassionate conversations have in supporting those impacted by distressing deaths
  • Advice on delivering distressing news in the workplace / work role - such as the death of a service user
  • Maintaining one’s own wellbeing and self-care following exposure to others' distress and trauma.

This course can be delivered through video conferencing for up to 12 participants per session.

All courses are delivered by one of our Training Team, who are professional trainers specialising in mental health, bereavement and trauma.


£600.00 per session

To book or for further enquiries::

T: 01738 444178
E: training@crusescotland.org.uk

Bespoke Bereavement Training for the Workplace