Scottish Public Pensions Agency

"Prior to the course, my forethought was we would be discussing what our most common interaction with bereavement was and how to recognise it and how we respond to it. 

What I got from this course was much more valuable.

We gained an understanding of the wide range of daily occurrences that cause grief and how people deal with it... [especially during] the Covid situation. How to recognise grief in ourselves and the validation that it’s ok to feel that way, regardless of whether there has been a bereavement or not.

While this course is built with the idea of handling bereavement calls and communications, it insightfully identifies that we need to identify and address our own - and that can then allow us to acknowledge and support colleagues and customers alike. 

I feel that this was an incredible opportunity and thank you for including me in it.  I feel this would be invaluable for all of our colleagues within the SPPA."

- Sara, participant of training: Talking Compassionately about Death, Dying and Bereavement

Scottish Public Pensions Agency

Secondary school headteacher