Grief when no-one has died

Many people experience grief even when no one has died. It can be brought on by a change of situation, loss of a connection, purpose or relationship. This course will benefit those who work directly with others experiencing 'non death related grief' such as those in fostering, the justice system, care based roles.

We most often see grief as the experience following the death of someone we are attached to. Grief is a shared human experience across all types of loss; however, our language and reference of grief only seems to be connected to the death of a loved one.

But what do we do when non-death losses are not recognised, acknowledged or understood in the same way? What is the impact on our functioning, wellbeing, and experience when our loss is not considered 'a loss' by others?

In this course, delegates will:

  • Consider how the validation of grief from losses other than death, can support and acknowledge the experience of grief and support wellbeing.
  • Learn about activities, rituals and language that resource healthy grieving and acknowledge loss.
  • Explore self-care and activities which help maintain our own resilience when supporting others.

Cruse Scotland utilises our learning content flexibly and efficiently to match your needs and we offer content across two learning environments; delivering this training either in person or online, for up to 12 delegates at a time.

All courses are delivered by one of our Training Team, who are professional trainers specialising in mental health, bereavement and trauma.

Grief health warning: The content of this course discusses the experience of grief – participants who identify as actively grieving following a bereavement in the last six months are asked to consider their wellbeing needs before attending.


Online learning through video conferencing offers a time focused session of 2.5 hours, or we can provide an in-person session which explores themes and content in more depth over a day in your workplace.


Each course, whether online or in person, is priced for up to 12 delegates attending.

Public & Private Sector

  • £1,000 for an online session
  • £1,200 for in-person training

Third Sector

  • £600 for an online session
  • £800 for in-person training

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