Vicarious Trauma

What is vicarious trauma? Who does it affect and what are the signs and symptoms?

This course is for all helpers working with traumatised clients. Learn how to recognise Vicarious Trauma in ourselves and others and take steps to lessen its impact.

After taking part in this experiential short course participants will understand and recognise:

  • what Vicarious Trauma is
  • its biological and behavioural roots
  • the symptoms of Vicarious Trauma
  • why caring practice can lead to physical and psychological issues
  • how to help themselves and colleagues
  • where to find support
  • how to exercise better self care as a preventative measure


Cruse Scotland utilises our learning content flexibly and efficiently to match your needs and we offer content across two learning environments; delivering this training either in person or online, for up to 12 delegates at a time.

All courses are delivered by one of our Training Team, who are professional trainers specialising in mental health, bereavement and trauma.

Grief health warning: The content of this course discusses the experience of grief – participants who identify as actively grieving following a bereavement in the last six months are asked to consider their wellbeing needs before attending.


Online learning through video conferencing offers a time focused session of 2.5 hours, or we can provide an in-person session which explores themes and content in more depth over a day in your workplace.


Each course, whether online or in person, is priced for up to 12 delegates attending.

Public & Private Sector

  • £1,000 for an online session
  • £1,200 for in-person training

Third Sector

  • £600 for an online session
  • £800 for in-person training

To book or for further enquiries:

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