New Chief Executive Officer

Cruse Scotland announces appointment of new Chief Executive Officer.

August 31, 2022

Fiona Arnott-Barron appointed as CEO

Cruse Scotland is delighted to announce that Fiona Arnott-Barron has been appointed as our new Chief Executive Officer.  Following a highly competitive and intensive recruitment programme Fiona emerged as the clear choice to lead Cruse Scotland forward in the implementation of our new strategy.

Fiona has worked with Cruse Scotland for more than 20 years.  She first took up post in the original Cruse Scotland Head Office in Perth, at the point when the Scottish branches of Cruse, devolved from Cruse UK and became their own independent charity.  Over the last four years, Fiona has been Chief Operating Officer with the charity, and has led on several areas of transformational change, including the creation of our specialist Early Support Service for clients bereaved in the early stages of their grief, and the adapted response to client services across the pandemic

Fiona says, “I am incredibly passionate about the work of Cruse Scotland and as CEO am delighted to lead the organisation through the delivery of our new and ambitious five-year strategy.   Through the unfailing commitment of our volunteer workforce and our small, yet mighty, staff team; we plan to support more bereaved people than ever.   High on the agenda is widening our reach to communities who may need assurance that we are open and available to all.   I seek to improve our engagement with bereaved people directly and ensure that we continue to respond to the ever changing needs of those who reach in for support.   My role may have changed, but my commitment to ensuring high quality support to those struggling with grief, is stronger than ever.”

Chair of Cruse Scotland’s board, Christine McLintock says, “I cannot think of a better ambassador for the work of Cruse Scotland and its volunteers, staff and clients and I am personally very much looking forward to working with Fiona as our CEO.”

New Chief Executive Officer