Maisie was 7 when her father died suddenly from a brain tumour. Cruse supported her for 18 months.

Support for children and young people is unlimited because their grief goes through different stages at different ages. In a card to Ida, her Cruse Scotland Supporter, Maisie wrote: “You have made me feel amazing and a lot better about my daddy dying, which is sad, but you’ve made me feel happier. Ida this is for you: you really made me feel confident and stronger.”

Maisie’s mother, Alison, said of Cruse’s support: “The support given to Maisie has been invaluable. Not only has she helped Maisie to process her own feelings around grief, she’s also helped me greatly by just being there. The sudden loss of Gareth was earth shattering for us all and as Maisie’s mum, I just wanted the best support possible for Maisie at such a traumatic time.  A chat to Ida would always help, and it was lovely to have this professional support at my fingertips. Loss is frightening, and Ida helped ease this pain by empowering me as a mum.”

Both Maisie and her mother took part in A Day to Remember, which brings together bereaved families to share their experiences. For Maisie and Alison, the day marked a turning point: “This day had a profound impact on both me and Maisie and we left feeling like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders knowing that we weren’t alone in our situation.”

Alison added: “My wish is that every child who experiences such a tragic loss could have that special someone to help them through it.  Thank you, Cruse, for being there when we needed you most.”