Bereavement Counsellor (Adults) and Supporter of Bereaved Children & Young People Caithness

Elaine “lives miles away from everyone else”, but still feels very much a part of the Cruse family.

“I took this picture on my morning puppy walk today; a stunning morning on the very far north coast of Scotland. The scenery here is spectacular, but this photo is calm, soothing and sparkling bright in the sun. However, very quickly that picture can turn stormy, gloomy and uninviting. A bit like the process of grief and indeed therapy. ‘All lost at sea’ is often a phrase associated with bereavement.

I often liken grief to the sea, at some points happily paddling in the shallow waters, enjoying the gentle lapping of water over my toes. However, like many others, I have often felt the large waves crashing over my head, throwing me around and leaving me gasping for breath.

I found myself drawn to Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland after experiencing several losses. Not related to death, but of surviving a near death experience. Training with Cruse Scotland started my journey to a life after death - I found a purpose.

I live in a remote community, where access to professional resources can be hard to find. I often felt isolated and alone, but in Cruse I found a volunteer family – people like me who wanted to help others in their own communities. The people I met on my training are still friends today – 10 years later! Cruse Scotland started me on my path to becoming a fully qualified clinical psychotherapist. They welcomed me in, supported me when my mum died, and continue to look out for ‘the one that lives miles away from everyone else’.”