Bereavement Counsellor Adults Service, Glasgow

Saboohi is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who joined Cruse Scotland in 2019 to help her complete her diploma.

“From the outset, I appreciated the ethos of the organisation; that they are committed to promoting the wellbeing of bereaved people. I also admire the fact that they work tirelessly to provide the best services so bereaved people can learn to cope and manage their grief and loss.

I love volunteering with Cruse. They are not just interested in the volunteers’ work, but they care for our wellbeing as well, and I’ve experienced this first-hand when I had some challenges in my own life last year. It has also been wonderful to benefit from the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provided by Cruse, to enhance our skills in different areas, and ultimately to provide bereaved clients with the best services. I appreciate, too, that it is also helping me to build my overall confidence.

Cruse was one of the leading organisations who took account of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic after lockdown, changing rapidly to offer online and telephone counselling which I feel was the best move to help grieving people. I find the staff always approachable, supportive and encouraging and that is the most vital element for me.

Before I started working with Cruse, I was a bit concerned, if my CBT skills would be enough to help and support the bereaved. However, I received further training from Cruse which gave me the confidence I needed. Soon after working with clients, I realised it is indeed an honour and privilege to walk with them in their time of distress and help them come to terms with their loss. I find it extremely satisfying to see them finding their way forward in life after learning new skills for managing and coping with changes and challenges.”