Audrey is a Cruse Scotland volunteer, helping children and young people of all ages to cope with grief.

“Volunteering as a Child Bereavement Support Worker lets me give something back to an organisation that has a huge impact on young people;s lives. My role as a volunteer is to give children and young people a listening ear and also somewhere their voices can be heard. Being there for that child or young person, showing them I care, trust them, believe them and won't judge them.

I received child bereavement training first which was professional and in-depth. The trainers were very open, honest and encouraging which made me feel comfortable. Training was excellent and covered areas of creative therapy, empathy, reflection, listening skills, and so much more.

No two young people are the same in their grief experience and no two sessions are the same.

I volunteer two to three hours a week, which is quality time away from work and a busy lifestyle. There is always the opportunity for further training, conferences and workshops.

The support I receive is invaluable and there is always someone I can contact if I need to talk. I feel valued and part of the team. I have also made lifelong friends with other volunteers and we meet regularly.

For myself, it's about giving a child or young person a space where they feel trusted, believed and heard. It's an absolute privilege supporting young people on their own personal journey of recovery. It has changed my life helping others change their lives.”