Gina received counselling and peer support to help her come to terms with the death of her husband.

Gina lost her husband Mick to cancer in December 2016. She realised she was having problems, spoke to her son and daughter about them, and together they contacted the Cruse Scotland helpline. Gina received leaflets and was referred to a counsellor for a few sessions. She found the support really helpful and was able to see the same counsellor at a later stage when she was still struggling with her grief. “I felt the counsellor understood me, as I had felt a lot of guilt following the death of Mick. The counsellor was able to understand this and talk me through the process.”

At the end of the counselling, the counsellor was able to refer Gina to a Cruse Scotland support group, where she has built her confidence to go out and join in with activities like Tai-Chi and Qui-Cong as well as a local choir. Gina said, “I feel part of the community again”.